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Craving Curries

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Authentic, delicious homemade curries made easy.

We are Craving Curries

At Craving Curries we are passionate about our curries and would like to share the experience with you! Each curry kit comes with our step-by-step guide, which allows you to have fun creating our twist on an authentic Indian curry which has all the flavour without any additives – you know what goes in it!

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Curry Kits

We have more than 14 varieties of curry for you to buy and make at home. Check out our choices and select the one you want. Choosing just one might be difficult though!!!!

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Free Recipes

Every Curry Kit we sell has a matching recipe, which is completely free for you to download. In fact you could download them all if you like!  Find out more on our recipes page.

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Finding it hard to choose just one? Then buy a bundle. We sell 3 different bundles, each with a different number of curries for you to make and try. Bundles are great if you need an original gift for someone.

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Expose your curry monster

Most curries can be cooked in the time that a takeaway can be ordered and delivered (some need a little preparation) and at a fraction of the cost. You will be able to impress your family and friends as your curry will be of restaurant quality and some of the curries can't be found in many restaurants. There are many generic pastes and spices mixes available, but at Craving Curries we believe that our curry kits are unique.

Curry Spices should be used at the peak of their life  and we only use the finest, freshest ingredients. In your curry kit, you will receive a number of spice packs that are individually packed to suit your chosen curry, saving you the cost of purchasing the many spices required, which often end up unused, taking up valuable kitchen storage space.

Are you craving curries right now? Just click one of our buy now buttons, find the curry kit that you desire and pop it in your shopping basket. You can then add more to your wishlist or add more to your shopping basket and go Craving Curries crazy and buy as many as you like. If you would like to buy a lot of Curry Kits then please contact us for a discount. Once you have paid, sit back and relax and wait for your kit to wing its way to your door.


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What will you find in our Curry Kits?

It is often the case that you will try to make an authentic curry just like you have experienced at your favourite curry house and are left saddened and disappointed as it doesn't look or taste the same. How do they do it?

Well the true fact of the matter is that take-aways and restaurants have perfected the way to make very tasty curries in bulk and quickly, in order to serve the many customers they have to service in a short amount of time.  Craving Curries will help you to produce the high quality looking and tasting curries that you are familiar with and love.

Each kit has enough ingredients to make the curry of your choice with all the same herbs and spices and provides you with the knowledge that can become your 'curry secret'. 

Our curry kits provide detailed explanations of how to quickly prepare meals to the high standard that you are longing for and have become accustomed to. It really isn't difficult and with our help you will be creating curries like a pro in no time. 

We hope you enjoy making your first curry kit and we fully believe that once you have made one, you will wonder why it's taken this long to make one!


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With over 14 curries to choose from there is a lot of decisions to make. It might help to browse through our recipe section and have a look at the ingredients or the heat level to find the ideal curry for you.