Cardamom Curry


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Single Kit - 1 single Cardamom Spice kit with 1 recipe in a bag.

Mega Kit - The same ingredients as a single Kit but with 6 bags of spice and 1 recipe in a bag.

Cardamoms are highly aromatic and cardamom curry provides tantalising layers of flavours. The result is a rich curry with a depth of flavours from the unique blend of spices that gives a hot peppery taste. This cardamom curry kit will serve up to 4 people.

This is the way Chicken Cardamom Curry is traditionally cooked, it is an easy dish to prepare and doesn’t take long. Cooking cardamom curry to this recipe will produce a totally authentic cardomom curry dish that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and makes a change from typical Indian style curries. Cardomom curry should be served with rice, a selection of “sambals” and naan bread for a superb Nepalese feast.

This isn’t fire breathing curry; it is warm, creamy and subtle with the flavour of the cardamom. Fennel seeds also add a “cooling” feel to the curry and aid digestion.

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