Chicken Makhani


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Single Kit - 1 single Makhani Spice kit with 1 recipe in a bag.

Mega Kit - The same ingredients as a single Kit but with 6 bags of spice and 1 recipe in a bag.

Makhani is a Hindustani word meaning “with butter”. It is used in the names of several dishes from Punjabi cuisine. Murgh Makhani is an Indian dish of chicken in a mildy spiced curry sauce. It is served in India and abroad. The dish has its roots in Punjabi cuisine and was developed by the Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi India.

Murgh Makhani is not the same thiing as chicken tikka masala; both the recipes look similar and use marinated grilled chicken in the sauce, but the base sauce for the two recipes are quite different. While the chicken tikka masala is told to have been created from the Campbell Tomato Soup, the sauce for makhani is made with pureed juicy tomatoes, and spices cooked in butter, and is finished off with fresh cream. The primary aroma of the dish unfolds with the addition of the kasuri methi / dried fenugreek leaves.

This chicken makhani curry recipe requires some preparation the day before and marinating overnight. This creamy chicken makhani curry has a mildly spicy undertone, which will leave you wanting more! This chicken makhani curry kit will serve up to 4 people.

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